Managerial communication

Managerial communication
Typ publikácieVysokoškolské skriptá
Rok vydania2020
VydavateľstvoVydavateľstvo Belianum, Univerzita Mateja Bela, Banská Bystrica
Autor (podľa obálky)Lukáš Smerek, Milota Vetráková
Autori z UMBSmerek Lukáš, Ing.; Vetráková Milota, prof. Ing., PhD.
Počet strán154
Communication is a basic prerequisite for everyday life in companies as well. Without effective communication, managers are unable to make successful decisions of operational and strategic importance, to establish and develop working and personal interpersonal relationships. The aim of the textbook "Managerial Communication" is to show how perceive verbal and nonverbal tools of expression, anticipate and actively influence the solution of various communication situations, improve in professional communication, point out that the culture of spoken word is as important as ability to conduct a job interview or lead a project team. The publication elaborates the process of social communication with emphasis on interpersonal verbal and nonverbal communication, mutual perception of communicators, elements and relationships in the communication process. It shows manager in various communication situations such as an interview, work meeting, business meeting or public appearance. It describes the specifics of these situations and provides suggestions on how best to handle them. The textbook deliberately combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, case studies, tasks and questions for discussion and solution. The latest trends in the communication of successful managers and examples of good practice from the ancient past have been reflected in the content of individual chapters.

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