A Concise History of Economic Theories

A Concise History of Economic Theories
Typ publikácieOdborná monografia
Rok vydania2016
VydavateľstvoVydavateľstvo Belianum, Univerzita Mateja Bela, Banská Bystrica
Autor (podľa obálky)Jozef Horeháj, Marian Šuplata
Autori z UMBHoreháj Jozef, doc. PhDr., PhD.; Šuplata Milan, Mgr.
Počet strán88
The book contains a brief characteristic of the most known and influential economic theories and their most important representatives, including the historical development of ideas and economic thought before the emergence of economics as a science. It includes a brief development of selected influential socio-economic theories. The last two chapters contain theories that prevail in the current mainstream economics.

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