Typ publikácieVysokoškolské skriptá
Rok vydania2021
VydavateľstvoVydavateľstvo Belianum, Univerzita Mateja Bela, Banská Bystrica
Autor (podľa obálky)Lukáš Smere, Milota Vetráková
Autori z UMBSmerek Lukáš, Ing.; Vetráková Milota, prof. Ing., PhD.
Počet strán106
The separation of owners, entrepreneurs, managers and employees is not only a formal process, but also manifests itself in the interests and goals of them. Owners are interested in valuing investment capital, paying dividends and growing the value of capital. The goal of managers is to grow the size of the company, prestige and social recognition, as well as the opportunity to realize their intentions and ideas. The manager in a company is a person responsible for a specific organizational unit or otherwise defined area (project, area, team). The role of the manager is to manage, ie plan, lead, organize, make decisions and control people, processes and other resources in the delegated responsibility in the company. Managers differ from other employees in their specific knowledge and ability to perform managerial functions. In addition to knowledge, every manager must have certain qualities and abilities (innate or acquired). The manager for the performance of managerial functions should be equipped with qualities that create the preconditions for achieving quality work. The manager must be a personality who lives by management. It's not even someone who suddenly decides to be a manager. In any case, people have to rely on him. Responsibility, honesty and a fearless character add a sense of security and that the company is in good hands. This is how his subordinates will behave naturally, it does not have to be dictated. On the other hand, nothing is played on, it is usually itself, and it should look at each situation with eyes that are just right to use. The aim of the textbook "Organization of managerial work" is to help the future managers, to perceive the nature of managerial work, its complexity, elements and possibilities of its continuous improvement. From a conceptual point of view, the textbook deliberately combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, case studies, tasks and questions for discussion and solution. The latest trends in the work of successful managers and examples of good practice from the distant past have been reflected in the content of individual chapters.

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